Two examples of Health System Costs from a bicycle hitting another bicycle on 'open roads' with Muggaccinos cyclists that do not Bunch Ride

  • On Sunday 1 April 2012 Tony Koppi aka Yorkshire, who cycles with Muggaccinos, suffered a trauma accident when he failed to see, in sufficient reaction/response time, two cyclists that he was riding behind who had slowed at amber traffic lights.  Tony applied his caliper brakes and went over his handle bars suffering bruises/abrasions and a lump on his head.  His two cycle associates called an ambulance.  Six hours after his trauma, Tony was discharged from the Emergency Ward at RNSH exceedingly pleased with the highly professional treatment he had received from NSW Ambulance Service and RNSH.  Tony subsequently reported, " I'd had chest, shoulder and neck X-rays, head CT scan, and abdominal ultrasound, and blood tests within 2 hours."  The health system cost of that 'avoidable' fall due to being too close to two cyclists ahead for Tony to react/respond in time would have been around $5,000.

  • On Sunday 4 May 2008 Guy de Carli aka Lawyer  who rode with Muggaccinos was cycling SSW along Wisemans Ferry Rd with another cyclist, Greg P. 10m behind him.  A few cars were coming towards Guy and Greg heading NNE.  Suddenly two motor bikes drew out from behind the cars travelling in the opposite direction.  Guy slowed his speed.  Greg swerved to miss Guy but clipped Guy's pedal and the two cyclists hit the road.  The accident  was out of mobile ‘phone range.  Hence, concerned motorists couldn’t call an ambulance.  Whereupon a motorist drove Guy and Greg to Hornsby Hospital.  Guy suffered a fracture at T6 and T7 in his neck and a bulged intervertebral disc at T6/T7, necessitating a fusion at T6/T7 at Royal North Shore Hospital Spinal Unit.  The health system cost of that 'avoidable' fall due to Greg being too close to Guy for Greg to react/respond in time would have been around $25,000.  Foregone income/productivity during rehab would have been $15,000 circa.