Rationale For Professional Motor Vehicle Racing means that competitors in Formula One and the Motorcycle Grand Prix are allowed to drive at very high speeds, and 'sit' exceedingly close behind a vehicle ahead, which breach speed and safety road rules that 'normal road users' are required to observe. 


The reasons which allow this are that enhanced safety factors are in place:
i)         higher skill levels of the drivers
ii)        better braking equipment
iii)       higher torque of wider tyres

iv)       more robust protective clothing and helmets

v)        protective shells in race cars, sand pits and rubber barriers

vi)       safe racing circuits which the drivers are familiar with

vii)      racing circuits are off-limits (ie. are not 'open roads') to 'normal road users' during these races

'Normal road users' (motorists, motor bike riders, truck drivers etc.) who breach road rules by driving recklessly are fined and assigned penalty points.  Incomprehensibly, road cyclists that regularly and patently breach our road rules are not penalised. 

Our road authorities (RTA and police) are ignoring some reckless road cycling at a material cost -

i)         to both Health System Costs, in emergency departments and spinal wards; and

ii)        due to foregone productivity during rehabilitation