Birthday Cake pics of Back9Hackers that chase golf balls around North Ryde Golf Course twice weekly hitting-off at SparrowFart

Bi-laws are not limited to:
The BirthdayBoy buys his own birthday cake to share with his

1.   Disingenuously t
aking half of your b'day cake home when hungry mouths are salivating and
drooling for more; and/or

2.    Covertly co-share-ing the cost of a b'day cake with another B9H,

is resile-ing upon one's annual obligation to his few remaining amigos.

A repetition of 1. and/or 2. above would render even fewer amigos.

Noteworthy 'compliant cake providers' in the last year are Smibes, Moose, Secco @˝, BankTeller, Geoff, Hackie, Ian, Frank, Foxy, Craig, TaxMan and Brian.

Best Own Oven Baked Cake Award goes to Secco for offering ˝ of his "Ginger & Walnut Carrot Cake".  But some credit goes to Nigella Lawson.
Alas, some of the purchased cakes 'look the goods', until you bite into an 'evaporation' due to a lack of eggs, fruit and rich flour.

The Cheesecake Shop at Penshurst St, Willoughby, seems to use real eggs, fresh fruit and abundant rich flour.




Below three pics at Seb's Caffe Incontro on Friday. 14th July celebrating something or anything


Below two pics are celebrating Nick A. entering this world in nudity 65 years ago

Below pics are making merry on BankTeller's 66th b'day


Peter Sext_n's measly contribution before he cut them in half, and they were stale

Din dins after Test Cricket against The Poms at The Gabba - Nov 2017 - A lot of empty glasses and Dead Marines

Don and Nick sunk to a new 'low', when they shared the purchase of a customary b'day cake

Smibe's didn't squib his obligation on Fri, 19th Oct recognising 69 N.O.

Golly, all he bought us were a few snags and a small Caffe per capita.  You'd think from this pic that Smibe's had displayed momentous munificence.  Or do we prostitute our principles lightly?

Someone above is pointing at the bestest, biggest cake ever - purchased from the Cheesecake Shop in Penshurst St, Chatswood

Ian's b'day

Nigella's "Ginger & Walnut Carrot Cake".  Thanks Nigella for helping Pete.

BankTeller should have had a career as a famous CakeBaker, instead of a sleazy, greedy BankRobber, after his sister showed him how to prepare the below recipe that got 'the thumbs-up'

Sheridan Rogers (daughter of Bob Rogers) Boiled Chocolate and Raisin Cake

Above is a 30 years old recipe

Below are the ingredients

Hackie 's yummy fruit-filled Apply Pie evidenced that he didn't pike-out like at least one other St Pius squib.
Why would some, or at least one folk, sell it/their Cred so cheaply?

Lots of 'good oil' in an ancient keg purchased from Ted's younger Bros, 34 years ago

Hackers' Xmas Party at familiar Sebs circa Dec 2020.  Disappointingly, only five guests paid due deference to the importance of the annual occasion.

Hackie opened his wallet Big Time to commemorate his 70th B'day Bash at the re-named Café SaBu

Nick A's COVID delayed b'day cake on 9 Jan from the local, nearby cake shop scored a 4 out of 10 at best.  Lots of sugar but lacking eggs, flour and fruit. 
The Cheesecake Factory, Penshurst St, Willoughby has never let Craig or BankTeller down.

Alex and Don recently shared the provision of a b'day cake (on a quiet Tues) to commemorate their annual b'days back in 2021. 
It is a small pic, 'cause it was a small cake.  One can only muse that they have both fallen on hard times, or neither luv their 'Loyal Golfing Amigos', at least not much luv.

Foxy ultimately made it to 70 N.O.  We celebrated it in Moose's garage