Gamblers to be restricted to $100 limits on poker machines in Victoria as part of new reforms - ABC News  -  16 Jul 2023


Gamblers will be permitted to put a maximum of $100 into an electronic gaming machine at one time, which is down from the current load-up limit of $1,000. 

No cash accepted for gambling - Carded play will also be mandatory for poker machines to halt money laundering through gaming venues.

All venues with poker machines, except Crown Casino, will be required to close gaming areas between 4am and 10am. 

Premier Daniel Andrews said the changes would give Victoria the toughest electronic gambling restrictions in Australia.

The government says an estimated 330,000 Victorians each year experience harm as a result of gambling, with losses nearing $7 billion.

The changes would require gamblers to use cards in gaming machines with a pre-commitment limit of $100.

Pokie machines to be slowed down to restrict losses

In addition to new load-up limits ($100, no longer $1,000) and carded play requirements, machines will be slowed to a spin rate of three seconds per game, minimum-ally limiting the amount of money that can be lost.  WHEN THE WRITER LAST PLAYED A POKER MACHINE ABOUT 48 YEARS AGO, THE WHEELS WOULD SPIN FOR ABOUT 30 SECS BEFORE THE FINAL WHEEL ON THE RHS STOPPED, DO PLAYERS COULD BE HANGING ON FOR THAT FINAL WHEEL TO STOP - PART OF THE SUPPOSED ENJOYMENT OF LOSING MONEY.

"The average gaming room at a not-for-profit community club in Victoria is 54 EGMs with a substantial framework of compliance and systems, self-exclusion program and responsible gaming officers supervising the room,"  

Leader of the Victorian Greens, Tim Read, said the reforms don't go far enough. 

"The Greens want to see a complete overhaul of the system, so that longer-term we can get pokies out of our communities and put people first."

He called on the government to implement -

  • $1 bet limits,

  • $20 load-up limits

  • $500 jackpot limits,

  • longer closing periods for pokies venues - from 12am to 10am, and

  • a ban on political donations from the gambling industry.