Alliance for Gambling Reform Policy Paper - Use of credit for gambling online - 2023

Executive summary

The Alliance for Gambling Reform (The Alliance) strongly supports the prohibition of gambling with -
1.    credit
including using credit cards,
2.    ‘buy now, pay later’ systems,
3.    digital
or e- wallets; and
4.    third-party
payment mechanisms,
on the principle that people should not be able to gamble with money they do not have.

Gambling with borrowed money is well-established as a risk factor for harmful gambling (Thomas, Swanton and Gainsbury, 2020) and governments must ensure online wagering services, which have failed to show appropriate levels of responsibility in these areas, are not putting customers and their families at risk by allowing them to gamble more than they can afford.


1.      Banning all forms of online/ telephone gambling with credit, including using credit cards via the Interactive Gambling Act

 a.        The proposed definition of 'credit card payment' must include payments made via an 'e-wallet' or a 'digital wallet' and ‘buy now, pay later’ options

 b.        It must also include third-party payment mechanisms like PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo and Google Pay

2.      If a bookmaker is found to have accepted payment via credit, suitable penalties must apply and should mirror the changes made to fines possible for Australian casinos

3.     There must be no exceptions for on-course bookmakers or telephone betting services which fall under the Interactive Gambling Act

The Alliance also recommends that this policy needs to be regulated by a sufficiently resourced, national, independent regulator which oversees the licenses of all online wagering bookmakers rather than the current model which is state based regulation.
Most major bookmakers are regulated in the Northern Territory where there is no Point of Consumption tax, minimal fines and relatively small license fees.
 In Great Britain, the Federal Dept of
'Office for Health Improvement and Disparities' governs gambling regulation across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.