Childhood, cousins and friends

Corey visiting the Blue Beauties at Roseville Oval circa late 1979

Christmas 1982 at Killara

Bubbles and Teddy

The swings at West Killara park were always popular, so much so that when we got to the park entrance in Fiddens Wharf Rd, you would both bolt up the slope to get on the swings



The garden hose at Killara was always popular

On the river at Taree

At Luna Park

Christmas at Lindfield Public School

Pumping the paper music rolls on the pianola

Marnie knitted Natalie that jumper.  Carla and Robert in the foreground

Little Matthew got Christened, whether he liked it or not!

Visiting the Goodsall's at St. Ives

Paddle pops at Killara with Brett and Penny

A holiday at Port Macquarie

Cracker night at Killara

Natalie's b'day party at Ivey St.

The Crawshaw's swimming pool next door to Marnie & Pa's

Playing with Penny and Brett at Killara

Family reunion withy the Williams clan in 1988

Playing on the Monkey Bars at Coronga Cres. park

In the stocks at Old Sydney Town

Swimming with Erin

On one occasion, Natalie 'threw an ugly face", each time a camera appeared

Cycling in West Pymble Pool carpark

Sally-Anne, Natalie, Georgina and Matthew at Uncle Michael's home at St Ives

Racing Maxine's younger daughter, Georgina, at the Goodsall's pool

Georgina, Sally-Anne, Natalie and Penny

Playing in the sand hills

Cricket at Dooralong - Home of The Primary Club

Natalie and Belinda

Natalie playing 'hide and seek' and getting sprung!

Corey's noisy drum set

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Movie of Johnston and 1st cousins, the Williams clan, reunion in 1983 and Robert's 3rd b'day party in 1986 - MP4 4:3 Screen display