Suicide Blonde 'n Smurf

Marea is an all-round athlete, equally comfortable in the saddle as in the water or in a pair of Nikeís, sloggin it out over a half marathon.  previously worked for the Smiling Padre - bootlegging plonk merchant.

Alas, Maree didn't know where the keys to the Old Fryerís cellar were.  Or if she did, she ainít sharing the spoils with the crew.  Perhaps 'cause she suspected that most Muggs are insatiable drunks.

During Muggs' June 2001 long w'end sortie to the Lower Hunter, Marea arranged for Muggs to receive the regal treatment at McWilliams Winery.  It truly was a memorable afternoon in the McWilliams' Board Room as a crew of reprobates and misfits were treated like gentry.

Marea, Bryony, Brenda 'n hubby Russ, at the top of Mt Bimbadeen after that cursed climb on the 2001 June long w'end in the Lower Hunter

Up'd stumps and moved to Canberra with hubby Smurph at the start of Winter 2002, and got the shock of their lives how much colder cycling in Canberra is during Winter.

Greg Cunningham, Pedal Power ACT, has reported that when Marea can extricate herself from MTB obligations, she slays 'em on her road bike.

Marea, who took the above pic from Mt Bimbadeen titled it, "I don't give a shit about the view".  Smurph appears, to the untrained eye, a trite glad he made it, whereas Russ, in the b'gnd, seems more intent on checking that both legs still work after that memorable climb.

Teller learnt that unassuming Smurf played a stack of seasons with Eastwood District Rugby Club ostensibly in 2nd grade, but managed a few games in the 1's.  Mindful that Eastwood has produced famous Rugby internationals of the caliber of Matt Burke, Brett Papworth and Steve Tynaman, Smurph's credentials 'n pedigree are impressive.