Rocket Ros


A few years ago Rocket traded up from the white bike in the above snap for a Specialised ladies racer, equipped with all the bells 'n whistles [eg. Ultegra groupset, Mavic rims etc], so now only the KOM supremos can stay with Roslyn in the hills. 

Check out the TearDrop muscle at the bottom of Ros' right quad - ie. that bulge just above her knee. 

Ipso facto, apart from her 'body weight to output' efficient cardiovascular system, that quad evidences a physiological reason why Ros can crunch past a lot of good climbers over the longer hills.  So it isn't all due to her lithe, no-fat torso.


January 2006 was Ros' inaugural attempt at the arduous 200km Audax Alpine Classic.  It was the hottest Audax day on record and Rocket was one of the few finishers.  To get ya arse up Mt Buffalo on a steamy, searing 40+ degree afternoon, after having already climbed to Falls Creek and two ascents of Tawonga Gap, took enormous mental toughness. 


The mind games that you have to overcome to continue on when the -

(i)      cupboard is bare,

(ii)     can is on empty; and

(iii)    motor is over-cooken',


are something that only a few can conquer. 


The drop-out rate, i.e. the DNFs in the 2006 Audax Alpine Classic set new records.  But there was no shame in a DNF as the temp was in the early 40s and parts of the roadway on Falls Creek and Mt. Buffalo had melted, which itself proved a dangerous obstacle on the descents.  One of the leaders left part of his elbow on the road and got carted off in an ambulance in considerable pain.



Rocket from her best side at Galston Park circa 2003