Tony was apprehensive about joining Muggs' rides, thinking he needed a bit more training to be competitive.  Scribe soon put him straight assuring that Tony would beat him on the 35km opening leg to Mt. White for our traditional Boxing Day ride.  Tony beat him.  But there was only a few mins in it.
Bank Teller
has known Tony for about 10 years, their paths having crossed when Tony worked for Citibank.  He now works for GE Capital.  They occasional exchanged pleasantries on the north shore train line on the way to 'n fro.  However, this dude ain't no Gasbag with a modus operandi of selecting his words prudently.
With that intro, it won't surprise that Tony hasn't made any predictions.  Notwithstanding that ten years of Bank Teller learnin' precious little about a recent Muggs' recruit, still leaves Scribe with a feeling in his water, that QuietAchiever will step up the ladder over the ensuing months.  Some of us have plateaued and struggle to hold our old form.  Tony might challenge the front-runners.  But one thing is for sure, he won't let on.  They'll just glance sideways one day and find him hovering.


Taking a breather at the Serpentine Lookout                    Rolling out of Thai Restaurant, Terrey Hills








Tony aka QuietAchiever and Firey shortly into the return from West Head on a corker of a Autumn morn'.