Hit-run victim still keen to jump back on his cycle

Hit-run victim still keen to jump back on his cycle

Mt Colah cyclist Tony McDonald recovers at home after he was hurt in a hit-and-run.

He may have been knocked from his bike and left for dead by a motorist, but Tony McDonald will be back in his seat quicker than expected, thanks to his riding club.

Mr McDonald, 69, was out on his usual Thursday morning ride on the Pacific Highway at Mt Colah about noon on March 26 when he approached the intersection of Belmont Rd.

“I was at a set of lights, it was green. Next thing I know I was flying through the air and I actually tried to hit the brake to stop,” Mr McDonald said.

A woman who came to his assistance claimed to have seen a white Toyota ute run a red light. It never stopped.

Mr McDonald was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital with a collarbone broken in four places, three broken ribs, a punctured lung and many cuts and bruises.

“It hurts like hell,” he said.

However the veteran cyclist is not alone in his journey.

Mr McDonald is a member of the Muggaccinos cycling group who ride about 100km every Sunday, visiting cafes along the way.

When Muggaccino member Phil Johnston heard about his mate’s experience, he responded immediately.

The members whipped the hat around to cover the cost of Mr McDonald’s bike repairs but then heard he had to have shoulder surgery and faced months away from his job at Hornsby RSL Club.

At the latest count they had raised more than $800 for the man known fondly as Publican.

“It’s one for all and all for one,” Mr Johnston said.

“We have some strong friendships and we support each other.”

Mr McDonald said he was amazed at the reaction.

“They are a great bunch of people,” he said.

“They’re a recreational group of cyclists, we’re not out to exterminate each other, it’s all social. We like a ride, to stop and have coffee and a chat.

“They really are a great group.”

As for hitting the road again, Mr McDonald said he would definitely return as soon as he could and he held no anger towards the irresponsible driver.

“Karma will get them,” he said. Anyone with information about the accident can phone Hornsby Police: 9476 9799.