Pete Williams aka Gobbler or Pelvis won two tickets to the Ashes test last week when vega 95.3 fm accepted Pete's dare to do an Elvis impersonation on the 501 morning bus from West Ryde to the city.  Click on:

  Tony Jan video




Pelvis' rap-up of the Sydney Marathon - September 2007

Scribe, Pelvis 'n Pete's mate, Bruce met Breakfast Show Announcer and Bicycle Buff, Adam Spencer, at the 702 Breakfast on Ride 2 Work Day - circa Oct '07.


As Adam autographed Pete's 702 Red T-shirt, Scribe mentioned that he had spoken to Adam on-air earlier that morn' at 5:40am, when Adam had asked listeners who were cycling in to 'phone ahead.  Adam retorted, "At that time, anyone can get straight thru."

Cambewarra Lookout & Tea Rooms on Day 3 of 4th Berry KOM Challenge