Milko Joe

Milko, a wholesale milk provender, with a Chemistry degree from NSW Uni, rode with Muggs in late 2000, before joining the Sunday vets which race at Homebush.  

Before getting hooked on cycling, Joe was a middle distance runner, completing up to 200km a week in training until cartridge in his hip gave way.  His doctor told him to give up running, to which Joe reluctantly acquiesced, conditional upon being allowed to swap his runners for cycle shoes.

Joe is now a fervent believer in the merits of herbal medicines, 'case a couple of jumbo herbal pills each day provide the nutrients that his body doesn't naturally produce anymore.  Voila! his cartridges now artificially are supplemented with the required dosage to keep him in the saddle.

Milko gets his jollies from pushing his treadley, equipped with a Mongoose titanium frame and Dura Ace ensemble. 

This pic was taken when Milko was about to bung his bike in his boot, post-ride at St Ives, after having completed a quick circuit to Peats Ridge with a group of similarly ardent hard heads.  Meanwhile Muggs had peeled-off only half the clicks.  But fair go, 'cause it was Christmas week circa 2001.