Maria 'n Ross


Maria and Ross are avid weekend-away cyclists that enjoy the escapes from the Big Smoke, the food stops, as well as the rides.

Ross has been riding only since he hooked-up with Maria, but he had no problems finding his cycling legs.   Ross has since cycled both sides of Tassie and completed a couple of NSW Big Rides.  His love for good coffee passes the "essentials" test for a Muggs rider, albeit hereunder he's caught sucking on a Boags during that 2005 coolish Tasmanian Wilderness Ride.

On her yellow Giant, Maria has been an infrequenter with the Muggs since 2000, including putting- up with Bank Teller's antics, including the infamous potato stealing incident which evidenced The Teller picking-up the entire table's meal ticket. 



Maria has completed 4 Tassie Rides, several other week long rides around Australia (NSW, SA) plus a "Round the Bay in a Day".


Sparrow Fart on Cradle Mountain circa Feb. 2005 where the 5am temp was a modicum above zero,  Perhaps the young lass far right is all smiles, 'cause her sleeping bag had kept her alive on a memorably cold night at a rustic sight.