Rick has the look of a schoolboy trapped in a maths class, but planning all manner of mischief as soon as the bell rings.


From the below pic, Rick appears a pleasant, inoffensive looking Dude.  Perhaps??? 

It isn't evident in this innocent pic.  But if you ever engage in verbal discourse with this critter, you will straight away glean the mischief in his eyes.  And the snap in his voice.

WYSIWYG is the acronym for "what you see, is what you get".   But pictures can deceive.  You don't "see" anything until you meet this bastard.  Rick can keep a dozen conversations going simultaneously/contemporaneously with a plethora of different factional parties, and still find time to bob-up for air. 


If you only have to try to match him in the saddle, up a slope, you have come off good, 'cause

Rick ain't labelled HillMonster for nothin'.


This Dude mixes his w'ends between 'on' and 'off road', as the below pic typifies, 'cause Rick surmises that 'on road' just don't crack it.


LHS - Heading back to Pie in the Sky from a GhostTown Road Warriors Cafe, Mt White, on Boxing Day.

RHS - "Take 3" of pics from Hornsby where Trevor tested Scribe's new 10 times zoom Hanimex Fuji with 4.2 trillion thingamajigs under the bonnet.  "Take 1" is above on RHS.  Volia!!!  The new camera works.