Blonde Bombshell 'n ElectricMan

The Austrian Adventuress, is truly a tough competitor, ‘cause Helga, survived getting hit up the arse by a bull-bar of a Toyota four wheel drive truck, whereupon she was torpedoed up the road and wedged between the rear wheels of a stationary vehicle.

Pleased to report that following an arduous rehab programme involving stretching, palates, yoga, physio and a lot of grit, Helga is back cycling, but understand that she is as stiff as a board afterwards.

The macho dude back-stage above and hereunder is dutiful hubby Dieter.  Alas, like so many other Muggs' before 'em, Dieter 'n Helga are expating to Singapore in mid-Jan '03 for a 3 year secondment, whereupon they returned for a couple of years, thence dieter retired for more of the good life.



Holidaying in Austria - Sept '07