Knows every Nosh Shop around Crowie and a bunch more.  Alias, The Flash, ‘cause when it comes to hills, he’s more lithe than a veritable sewer rat up a drain pipe and faster than a feeding mullet, or is that speeding bullet.

L to R - The Flash, Richard Coleman, Scribe, Frank, Fiona, Dieter, Blonde Bombshell 'n Smiling Assassin circa '97 at Whale Beach café [nee de Beers]



Some of his buddies bag him that he ain't the brightest crayon in the box.  But Flash ain't fazed, 'cause being a Quantity Surveyor, he's adept at calibrating material tangibles, and he reckons any dude firing any slings 'n arrows about pencils kids play with don't know Jack Shit!  And whose to argue with a qualified number cruncher!

Samurai and Flash rolling out of Thai Restaurant Terry Hills