Engineer owns a digital pic machine with a 3:1 lens.  A few mths ago, Simon undertook to take action shots on Muggs' rides.  Alas, it ain't transpired.  Seems the reason is that Engineer eagerly prostituted his principles by readily abandoning his undertaking to provide pics of the lads, 'cause he sooner be teaching some babe how to ride a bike.

If anyone is seeking to engender support for an upcoming mountain bike w'end in the wilderness, the first question from interested "Tarts on Carts" is, "Is Simon coming?"  Simon's bent is Engineering and unlike a few of those personality lacking egg-heads, Simon knows some useful engineer stuff, like how all the shiny bits on a bike work.  More importantly, how to fix 'em after one takes a spill from one's treadley and the windie bit hanging of the back wheel that makes the chain change, doesn't look right anymore.

The below left pic shows Engineer straightening one of those windie bitsIt don't look like rocket scientist stuff, but it sure comforts, or is it bluffs, the Dames on Frames that he's a good man to have in the wilderness.  In fact, upon closer inspection, Simon's repair technique looks Neanderthal.