Craig aka Bullet, lives on the Central Coast.  During those frigid morns thru mid-Winter, Craig, has often jumped an early train from the Central Coast to link-up with Muggs whilst most of us were still rubbing the sleep out of our eyes.

Craig has a cycling wife, and two billy-lids, under  2 who know what it is like to be towed behind a push-bike.  Craig and his cycling team, joined Muggs at Dungog, but alas he fell Butcher's Hook pronto and missed out on all the fun.

Why has Craig been lumped with the label, Bullet?  Cause he goes "like shit out of Shanghai" down the slops.  Bullet's exceptional speed on the downhills is a function of aerodynamic excellence 'n contour, a non-gangly body, magic wheels and a lot of gumption.  Put 'em all together, and Craig can match anyone down the hills, and beat well nigh all.
Recognising Bullet's obvious penchant for cycling down hill mega fast, ain't an encouragement for Craig to launch himself into oblivion.

One hopes Craig limits his enthusiasm to safe clear downhills, and not the hell-raiser he displayed earlier the day the above pic was snapped at the crest of Berowra waters climb, where earlier when descending from Arcadia/Berrilee to Berowra Waters, first Scribe and then Malvern Star almost got sucked into his after-burners as Bullet plummeted past us, seemingly on a death-wish.