Day 7 - Travelling by plane and two buses from Moscow to my 1st Base Camp at Bourg d'Oisans, French Alps

My flight from Moscow to Lyon, France didn't arrive 'til 11pm. I enquired at the cost of a room at the nearby Lyon Airport Hotel.  A French African at the desk told me in a proud, but supercilious voice "One hundred and seventy one".  I retorted "Is that Euros?'  He responded in an equally pompous, pretentious voice" Yes".  I walked out.  There was an empty commercial building about 100m away.  Above pic was taken from where I slept the night behind my bicycle bag in the alcove to that commercial building.  I pondered that Euro171 could be better invested in beer.  I departed my bed for the night at 6:20am just before sunrise and caught a bus to Grenoble and another bus to my 1st Base Camp at Bourg d'Oisans where my two travelling compadres, Jean and Denise, had already settled in our comfy cabin.