Day 3 - BankTeller visited the most famous museum in Russia (The Winter Palace) for a bit of Kulture

The above lightly clad mamma was attacked with chemicals by a whacko a few years ago, but was painstakingly restored, albeit it took quite a while

Likely the most perplexing exhibit in the entire Winter Palace, 'cause this chap was mummified 400BC.  He still has his skin and flesh, albeit he has thinned out a bit.

BankTeller was invited to hold court with the gentry that mapped out the strategy and structure of St. Petersburg over 100 years ago, that caries its name from Tsar, Peter the GreatAlas, the learned gentlefolk were not forthcoming with hospitality.  But they were decked-out in colourful clobber, that would make a ladies eye turn.

Couldn't determine if this is Socrates, Aristotle or Plato pontificating.  But surely it was one of 'em.

Sergey and I visited his nephew, Alexander, who is a chef at a respectable, I would eat there, restaurant. 
Alexander works 5 @ 11 hr days and 2 @ twelve hour days each week. No days off.  Such is the life of 99% of chefs

BankTeller fed the crumbs from his lunch to a pigeon that is 'dead-ringer' for pigeons back home

Our first train trip leg returning home was in a train that had timber seats

We snagged plastic seats on the 2nd train out to the St Petersburg 'burbs'