2.7km Palm Beach to Whale Beach
   Sunday, 29 January 2012

Above three pics at Palm Beach pre-swim.  Below three pics at Whale Beach 66 min swimming later at Whale Beach

Unfortunately there isn't a black line on the bottom to follow.  The above red line from a GPS highlights just how difficult it is to swim straight stuck out there where the visibility is often poor.  Me expects that if I had a GPS the line would be a lot wonkier, as I had two young paddlists tell me that I was off course.

Coming into Whale Beach, but this year because of a rip they moved the final 'can' about 150m further south - similar to the red line in the pic two up

The finish at Whale Beach

My Completion Certificate shows that I came 1,320th.  Golly there must have been a big field, at least a couple of thou, 'cause there were a lot who finished after me, but they did start in 'age-division waves' after me