A few pics from visiting John W. in Eugene, Oregon - Aug 2011

Above 'n below pics of feeding the Salmon at "Leaburg Hatchery", Leaburg Or.
(Heap plenty smart fish them there salmon are)

Below pics of hiking up and back down Spencer's Butte, which start with a warning that you might encounter a Cougar cat


View from the bottom                                                                                                          Early in the trail

Easy at first, but not for long

Looking up from below

When you reach the below rocks you know you are close

Doing 20 press-ups on the small triangle at the summit

It couldn't 've been too tough a climb cause 'young buck' Wee Freddie made it up Easy Peasy

John got ahead of me on the descent 'cause I ain't as agile as I used to be

A visit to Newport on the Oregon Coast where the water was freezing - about 8o - painfully cold

We had a beaut lunch in Nana's Irish Pub, Newport Beach