Climbing Mt Rose  -  2010

Prior to starting our assault from 8,949' to 10,775' , with an additional 300' of slight downhill which had to be re-climbed, rendering the total uphill to be 2,135' and total distance to be 10.6 miles

Even a month earlier than late July, non of this plant life was present because the snowmelt was late this Northern Summer in Nevada

Above pic taken from The Meadow (half way point) where the easy climbing was behind us and the serious stuff was ahead

About a mile from the Summit, these two students from California passed us.  The following pics show that we met them at the top

Views from the top

More climbers admiring the vistas at the 10,775' Summit

Gerri snapped the below pic of Mt White on our return route to show where we had been

Returning down with Mt Rose in the background and the July storm clouds building up

Jim Gruen was first to the summit

A final snap of Gene and me after a marvelous climb was 'all done'. And thank heavens for that.