2010 California & Nevada pics

Lake Alpine - one of the lakes where we camped for 9 nights out of 42 night visit

The above street sign is positioned at the crest of a long climb.  It warns trucks that there is a 24o section in the descent down the other side.  Gene and I climbed it.

On top of the base of a syracoia pine tree which commenced its life before the birth of Jesus Christ

Leaving camp after four days cycling, hiking 'n swimming in northern California

Climbing Mt. Monitor which is one of the five climbs in the annual 129 miles California Death Ride

Three quarters up Mt. Monitor

Looking decidedly knackered at the apex of Mt. Monitor

We spent a lot of time preaching the word to our four legged friends to save their souls "What ever you choose to do or don't do.  Just do not get on the truck!!!"