Yes Minister

In her former day job, Annie Get Your Gun was Oz's version of the civil servant Sir Humphrey, that ‘aide de comp’ who was forever endeavoring to maneuver/cajole the well-intentioned, Paul Eddington in Yes Minister.  

At Nosh Stops, Annie, who loves living at coastal Freshwater (nee Harbord), defies the Muggs’ persona, ‘cause she loathes caffeine.

More a tortoise than a hare, Annie is usually found twds the back of the pack, maintaining a pace of “military medium”.  Yet Oakley finishes every ride she starts, perhaps cause she doesn't start many.

Due to other pursuits, including hiking, fly fishing and Sat. night partying, Annie can sometimes be an erstwhile Mugg.  

However, the above pic at Hervey Bay, taken during the circa April 2002  Bundaburg to Brisbane ride, is testimony that Annie enjoys her cycling, and not just for the partying afterwards.



Annie weakening when a flavoursome white is wafted before her on a w'end away with her trekking gang.