Servicing your bike

A plethora of marvelous detailed servicing instructions are available on the internet.  Sheldon Brown is the King Daddy of them all in providing detailed servicing instructions across a myriad of parts which wear out as well as showing you some nifty tools.  However, the late, Sheldon, isn't the only bicycle fanatic prepared to provide useful do-it-yourself tips..

 1.    Shimano Cassettes & Freehubs - Sheldon Brown

 2.    Stein "Hypercracker" Mini Lock Ring Tool - Sheldon Brown

 3.    Understanding Front and Rear Gears called deraileurs or mechs  -  Derailleur Adjustment - Sheldon Brown

 4.    Replacing a Bicycle Derailleur Cable - Bike Website

 5.    Bicycle Tyres and Tubes - Sheldon Brown

 6.    Articles about Bicycle Repair - Sheldon Brown

 7.    Bike frame materials, steel, aluminum, carbon fibre and titanium - Sheldon Brown

 8.    Overhaul and Adjustment of Shimano® SPD pedals using Shimano TL-PD40 Tool for loosening/tightening the Pedal Cone Nut

 9.    Bicycle Repair Guide

10.  Bicycle Tune-Up info

11.   Fitting SPD cleats        Movie:  How To Install SPD Cleats     Fitting cleats for SPD-SL and SPD pedals   SPD Pedal/Cleat Interchangeability  Shimano SM-SH40 Cleat Pontoons to fit SPD cleats to a road shoe

12.   Chain Maintenance

13.   Servicing your front wheel hub

14.   How to remove a Freewheel or a cassette

15.   How to Tune Shimano Front Derailleurs - turn barrel adjuster anti-C/W to move the front derailleur across to the large chain ring

16.   Front derailleur adjustment

17.   Rear derailleur  adjustment - Park Tool

If you come across a web page which provides useful, thorough servicing instructions e-mail the link, together with any other pearls of divine wisdom, to