Siggy Hoffmann, Campbelltown  0407 914.224

Most cyclists who ride with Muggaccinos know Siggy who is a road cycling stalwart having completed several 200km Audax Alpine Classic and 150km Fitz's Challenge.

Chat with Siggy for 5 mins and you will glean that Siggy is a knowledgeable perfectionist when it comes to ensuring each cyclist -

(i)        has the best gearing configuration for their cycling prowess, particularly if they want to climb real hills; and

(ii)       their bike is set-up to perform optimumally.


Sig has worked on hundreds of different bikes and delights in spending countless hours studying the latest cycling technology and where he can acquire it the cheapest.


NB:    If Sig has one failing, it is that if your bike is dirty, he will tell you.  Sig contends that bikes only operate to their optimum when chains, chainrings and cassettes are not gummed up with grit 'n goo