Once between 5 and 10 vision impaired people have been adopted by a company and a recreational ride group, Phil can draft an article for publication in a national cycle magazine which -



I.           highlights that tandem road cycling provides a unique opportunity for blind people to participate in cardio-vascular sport with able bodied people;



II.          explains -



            a).         where good quality tandems can be purchased cheaply ie Tandem East, New Jersey which ships worldwide has stocks of Cannondale RT1000 for USD$2,100


            b).         the name of the charity(s) that will provide a tax deductible receipt for donations from 3rd parties towards the cost of each tandem for a (disabled) blind person.



            c).         the leading Australian companies that have adopted a blind cyclist thus far; and


III.         encourages recreational road bicycle groups in other cities and major towns to contact the charity if they would like to Adopt a Blind Cyclist from their neighbourhood, because as evidenced by the blind people who have ridden with Muggaccinos, the involvement of that blind person will be an enrichment, not an inconvenience, to that ride group.