The Bullsheet      Sunrise in 7:00am     Wear your Team Muggaccinos jersey

Sunday, 27 May '18 8am from Hornsby for Brunch at The Bakery at Glenorie Village Shopping Centre  -  69km  -  ETR 12:40pm   


Ride Organiser: Phil Johnston aka BankTeller 0434 715.861 [1st Acceptor], Justine aka Trumpeter [2nd Acceptor], Chris aka Recalcitrant BankTeller [3rd Acceptor], ...... are starting at 8:15am from Hornsby.

Grant aka BeanCounter   Lea aka SlowLea, Matt aka GreenMonkey, John aka L'Etape, Kev aka TexDubbo, Terry aka Navigator,  Jean aka ChiliDog Ron aka Draughtsman, Tony aka Publican,  Lea aka SlowLea Bill aka Glasgow, Tony aka Yorky Jane aka NeoLuddite [2nd Responder],  Barry aka Bazza [2nd Responder]  Pete aka CampyAficinado.  George aka Englishman  Eric aka PapaBear  Terry aka Navigator



If you want to join this ride, please e-mail Bank Teller by 5pm Friday.  If the weather is unfavourable, or your wife is threaening to divorce you, stay at home.

Rollout Hornsby by 8am. Ride North 11km to Berowra Waters Rd. Descend to Berowra Waters Ferry.  Ascend twds Galston. Right head West along Mid Dural Rd.
Right up Old Northern Rd to
Glenorie Village Shopping Centre for 1st Nosh Stop at The Bakery. 
Return to Hornsby by retracing down Old Northern Rd to Mid Dural Rd.  Left thru Galston.  Then 2.5km out 'n back along rustic, bucolic Crosslands Rd.  Descend and ascend Galston Gorge.


Nth from Hornsby to Berowra Waters Rd

11.0 km
Left and descend to Berowra Waters Ferry 16.1 km
Ascend from ferry along Bay Rd and Arcadia Rd 26.7 km
Ahead onto Galston Rd to Galston 29.0 km
West into Mid Dural Rd 31.0 km
Right into Old Northern Rd 33.3 km
Arrive Glenorie shopping centre and cafe 43.0 km
Retrace down Old Northern Rd 47.0 km
Left into Mid Dural Rd 55.3 km
Pass thru Galston shops 57.6 km
Continue ahead onto Crosslands Rd 60.8 km
Ahead into rustic, bucolic Crosslands Rd to the start of dirt road and return 62.3 km
Retrace Crosslands Rd and turn left into Galston Rd 64.3 km
Descend and ascend Galston Gorge to Pacific Highway and turn right 66.0 km
Turn left onto Bridge Rd 68.0 km
Turn right onto Jersey St 69.0 km