The Bullsheet   Sunrise is 6:44am    Wear your Team Muggaccinos jersey

7:50am Sunday, 20 May '18 - Hornsby station Jersey St carpark for Quatre Montagnes 1st Leg to Mt White Village Store, Mt White  
+   Return via PitS to Hornsby  -  ETR 12:00pm  -  71km
+   OR  return via Berowra Waters, Andy's Cafe, Nth Galston & Galston Gorge  -  87.7km  -  ETR 1:10pm


Ride Organiser Phil aka BankTeller [1st Acceptor], Chris aka RecalcitrantBankTeller [2nd Acceptor], Justine aka Trumpeter [3rd Acceptor], George aka Englishman [4th Acceptor],  [2nd Responder], Lea aka SlowLea [3rd Responder],  [4th Responder], Chris aka RecalcitrantBankTeller [5th Responder], Barry aka BackPacker [6th Responder], Bill aka Glasgow [7th Responder],     are starting from Hornsby station carpark

Matt aka GreenMonkey,  John aka Auckland,    ,  aka ChiliDog,  Jean aka ChiliDog Ann aka ToothFairy , George  aka Englishman  Pete aka CampyAficinado    Jane aka Neo-Luddite

If you are confident of joining us, contingent upon a fine morn', make sure that allot a minute to e-mail Scribe by 5pm Friday, and he will add ya in the above, 'cause Scribe allots a lot more time to 'jolly Muggs crew'.  If your short term memory is now a struggle, when it didn't use to fail you in the past, watch this You Tube, so you won't look like a Silly Duffer


Nosh Stops:
Mt White Village Store, Mt White, Mt White         from 9:45am       (30 min)
Andy's Cafe, Nth Galston                                    from 12:15pm       (25 min)

1st Leg:  Hornsby station Jersey St carpark N/W side of station due Nth to Mt White Village Store, Mt White - 35.5km -  100 min

7:50am rollout for 1st Nosh Stop (30 min) from 9:30am. 

2nd Leg:  Mt White to Andy's Cafe, Nth Galston  -  38.3km - 120 min (agg 73.3km)


South down Old Pacific H'way for 24km to Berowra

R into Berowra Waters Rd for 6km to Berowra Waters ferry and 1st Sag Stop (10 min) waiting for Ferry

Ahead scaling to 3.5km to Koppers Log KOM at Berrilee

Ahead along for 6.8km to Andy's Cafe, Nth Galston for 2nd Nosh Stop (25 min) from 12pm.

3rd Leg:  Andy's Cafe, Nth Galston to Hornsby Heights Bus Shelter - 10.7km - 30 min (agg 84km)

Sth 4km along Galston Rd to Galston Roundabout
Left East 4.6km dropping to Galston Gorge timber bridge
Ahead climbing 3.3km to
Hornsby Heights Bus Shelter
2nd Sag Stop (5 min) arriving 12:55pm.

4th Leg:  Hornsby Heights Bus Shelter to Hornsby station carpark - 3.7km - 10 min (agg 87.7km)

Left East 2.9km to Hookham's Cnr.

Right into Pacific Highway for 1.1km to Hornsby station carpark - ETR 1:10pm.

Risk Warning

Ø   Do not cycle over the metal girders on the ramp at the Berowra Waters ferry, 'cause you will come down hard, like many before you if you try to cycle over any of the longitudinal steel beams.

Ø   Descend Les Montagnes real slow on wet or damp roads.

Ø   Hardcopy these directions and bring on Sunday

Ø   Expend 5 min studying your street directory for this route, if you haven't ridden it before

Ø   Don't ride two abreast on single lane roads with an unbroken centre line and descend corners on wet roads as though you are skating on ice

Ø   When passing a fellow Mugg, always provide a metre clearance.  If you can't, or are passing on the inside, you MUST call out loudly eg. "passing inside" etc

Some forms of cycling are dangerous.  An ave of 36 Australian cyclists have been killed annually since 2000.  95% of these fatalities occur on the road

Other cyclists in Australia break bones and incur nerve impairment from falling off their bikes in accidents. 

A cyclist could fall from his/her bike, inter alia, due to -
(i)      being hit by a car or another cyclist; or
(ii)     encountering a pothole;

(iii)    cycling too fast on a wet downhill where the coefficient of friction is much less, particularly at corners; or
(iv)    getting their bicycle wheel caught in a gap in a timber bridge.

A negligent cyclist could -

(a)    be litigated by a seriously injured cyclist, or 3rd party (ie. a woman pushing a pram on a footpath or a car driver) under common law where the damages could exceed $500,000; and

(b)    lose his/her home if he/she did not have public liability insurance which covers their negligence whilst on a push bike.

A negligent cyclist who did not have personal injury insurance (ie self-employed without income protection cover) could struggle to meet regular outgo commitments.

A seriously injured cyclist could be awarded damages which a negligent cyclist could not afford to pay if the negligent cyclist -
(I)     did not have public liability insurance cover; and/or
(II)    did not possess valuable assets.

    Cycling without Public Liability cover is as silly as driving without 3rd Party -
 join Bike NSW for PL insurance, so that all Muggs are better protected

    Click on: Risk Management which warns of 'inter alia', the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

   Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

Hornsby for Quatre Montagnes, incl rural Crosslands Rd and Eric's lumpy route to Berowra Waters ferry  -  57km  -  3 riders (lots of fog early)

Old pics from recent Sunday's St Ives, Duffys' Forest, Akuna Bay, Cottage Point, Church Point - 65km  - 7 riders




We rode a lumpy 2km into Cottage Point to an apex.  The broad expanse of blue water behind us is Coal & Candle Creek.  Mighty big for a creek.  Hate to see what a river or an estuary

 or a tributary looks like.


Don't know where Smith's Creek is?  Or how big it is?

Bank Teller   14 May '17