The Bullsheet

Sunrise is 7:04am   Sunday, 28 March '10, Primary Route Yarramalong for brunch - "Iron Horse” home from Wyong station or Wyee station:

*    By 8:00am from Hornsby station carpark to Wyong  92km  ETR 2:34pm  or  Wyee 108km   ETR Hornsby 3:34pm

*    By 8:20am from Berowra to Wyong  81km  ETR 2:34pm  or  Wyee   97km   ETR Berowra 3:34pm

*    Or Local Route Back return from Mt White via Berowra Waters ferry, ascend to Berrilee, Arcadia,
with 2nd Nosh Stop at
Andy's Café Nth Galston, thence Galston Gorge
- 101km from Hornsby -  ETR Hornsby 12:50pm

*    Or shorter Local Route Back return from Mt White by retracing to Hornsby  -  70.5km

*    All cyclists target arriving at 1st Sag Stop  Road Warriors' Cafe, Mt. White at 9:50am

Ride Organiser, Phil aka BankTeller 0434 715.861  9114.6689, BakerBoy, Pete aka PacificPete, Martin aka Architect, Harry aka KayakMan, Jean aka ChiliDog, Richard aka Sloth, Maria T, David P. and Jane aka Neo-Luddite are cycling from Hornsby station carpark at 8am.  Approx 50% of cyclists will turn around at Mt White

Snapshot of Primary Route:
Park at
Hornsby station car-park - 100m Nth of Railway Hotel in Jersey St - N/W side of Hornsby station to rollout from 8:00am passing Berowra station from 8:25am.  Slower starters from Berowra commence by 8:20am and cycle due Nth up the Old Pacific H’wayNosh Stops at Mt White and Yarramalong General Store to catch -

*      All Stops  train home from Wyong 51 mins after the hour; or
*      Express    train from Wyong 32 min after the hour stopping Woy Woy and Hornsby only; or
*      Express 
  train from Wyee 18 min after the hour
- stopping Woy Woy and Hornsby only.  

SagStop         United Gas Station, Peats Ridge                                  10 min
Springs Rd turn to Bumble Hill        

1st:                 Road Warriors' Cafe, Mt. White from 9:40am                30 min
Corrugated Cafe, Peats Ridge from 10:50am                  30 min
             Yarramalong General Store  from 12:15pm                   35

KOM climbs:
1st Climb:       Cherro Point Rd to 2nd Mt White sign                          7.55km
Climb:      Yarramalong Rd to Bumble Hill KOM                          3.75km  

Snapshot of Local Route Back:
Retrace back from
Mt White Road Warriors Cafe to Berowra Waters Rd and turn R and descend to Berowra Waters ferry.   Ascend to Berrilee, Arcadia for 2nd Nosh Stop at Andy's Cafe Nth Galston.  Thence, Sth down Galston Gorge for Sag Stop at Hornsby Heights Bus Shelter.  Thence SE to Hornsby.  ETR Hornsby 11:50am.
1st:                 Mt White Road Warriors' Café  from 9:40am                 10 min
Andy's Cafe Nth Galston           from 12:10pm               25 min

Primary Route -
1st Leg

Hornsby to Road Warriors' Cafe, Mt. White - 35.5km - 95 min

Park in Hornsby street side car-park 80m Nth of Railway Hotel in Jersey St - N/W side of Hornsby station

Rollout from 8:00am -

  • Nth up Jersey St for 400m,

  • L for 20m to traffic lights;

  • R onto Old Pacific Highway for 35km for 1st Nosh Stop (30 min) at Road Warriors' Cafe, Mt. White to arrive 9:40am.

OR  Berowra station carpark to Road Warriors' Cafe, Mt. White  -  24km  -  70 min

Nth up Old Pacific Highway from 8:20am for 24km for 1st Nosh Stop (30 min) at Mt White Road Warriors' Cafe. Arrive at Mt White from 9:40am.

2nd Leg:  Mt White to United Gas Station, Peats Ridge - 21km - 60 min

Depart Bikie Hangout by 10:10am -


3rd Leg:  Peats Ridge to Yarramalong - 17km - 55 min

Re-mount 11:30am -

  • Nth along Peats Ridge Rd for 300m;

  • L into George Downs Drive crossing Wisemans Ferry Rd at Central Mangrove and continue 8.7km NNW;

  • R into Springs Rd turn to Bumble Hill for a Sign Post, thence 2.5km East twds Bumble Hill, then it becomes Greta Rd for 2km up Bumble Hill, then 3.4km descent of very steep Bumble Hill cautiously;

  • R for 30m to 3rd Nosh Stop (30 min) for brunch at Yarramalong General Store from 12:25pm.


4th Leg - 2 options

Shorter 4th Leg: Yarramalong General Store to Wyong station - 18.8km - 50 min
By 12:55pm 18.8km flat/fast hit-out E along Yarramalong Rd into Wyong, arriving by 1:45pm to catch ($7.80 fare) –

*      All Stops train home from Wyong 50 mins after the hour; or
*      Express train 32 min after the hour stopping Woy Woy and Hornsby only; or

Longer 4th Leg: Yarramalong General Store to Wyee station - 32.8km - 77 min

Extend route by 14km by turning -

  • left (3km before Wyong station) into Hue Hue Rd for 15.5km NE along a good flatish road;

  • right into Wyee Rd for 950m

  • right into Bungaree St for 350m to quaint Wyee station where Express trains depart 12:20pm, 1:22pm, 2:20pm, 3:24pm - stopping Woy Woy and arriving at Hornsby station 74 min later.  

Scribe's wrap-up of Anticlockwise loop of Greater Sydney - Turramurra, Windsor Richmond, Springwood, Penrith train to Seven Hills, M2, Turramurra - 126km - 11 cyclists but 6 turned around at Windsor

A noteworthy return to Muggs is Bill aka Glasgow who recently returned from a visit to the Old Dart in late Winter, where he didn't cycle

Sorry for the small pics below.  Scribe recently had his phone repaired and it came back with real small pic size settings, which he has now finally rectified.


Above three pics snapped at Cnr Vimiera Rd and Epping Rd, where Jean aka ChiliDog and Ann aka ToothFairy joined the throng.  Ann cycled to Windsor but didn't know about a shortened streamline route by continuing along the M7 for 11km and exiting at Quakers hill parkway, so Ann  took the laborious route along Abbotts Rd, Johnson Ave, Vardys Rd which added another 9k to her route.  Well done ToothFairy.



Bank Teller    21 March 2010