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Sunday, 21 Dec, 6:45am from St Ives "Brekkie at Bayview Marina - Brunch at Akuna Bay" - 95km - ETR 12:35pm

Hardcopy these directions and bring on Sunday.

If you are a slowcoach -
   leave from 6:35am and cycle
E along Mona Vale Rd;
*    as soon as you see the
lead group returning from Duffy's Forest turn around so as to arrive back at Thai Restaurant Sag Stop in concert with the lead group; and
*    move on from Sag and Nosh Stops early!

Cycle two abreast at own risk on one-lane roads.  Keep well to LHS of roadway.

Get well off the road at Sag Stops.

Cycling without Public Liability cover is as silly as driving without 3rd Party - join Bike NSW for PL insurance, so that all Muggs are better protected. 

When passing a fellow Mugg, always provide a metre clearance.  If you can't, or are passing on the inside, call out loudly eg. "passing inside tight" etc.


St Ives car park Mona Vale Rd [opposite Pattisons Patisserie and Stanley St. junction] for 6:45am rollout.  If you are a slowcoach, leave from 6:35am and cycle E along Mona Vale Rd.  Terrey Hills, Duffy's Forest, McCarrs Creek to West Head for 1st Nosh Stop (15 min).

Return to McCarrs Creek for Brekkie adjacent to the water’s edge at Bayview Marina Café [LHS two clicks past Church Point] for 2nd Nosh Stop (35 min) from 9:45am [61km].

Return straight to St Ives [84km - ETR 11:25am Or via Akuna Bay 3rd Nosh Stop (30 min) from 11am [95.5km - ETR 12:35pm].

Sag Stops:
Mona Vale Fruit Barn from 7am (3 min)
2.   Terrey Hills Thai Restaurant  from 7:40am (3 min)

Nosh Stops:
1.   WestHead
from 8:35am (15 min)
2.   Bayview Marina Café from 9:45am (35 min)
3.   Akuna Bay from 11:00am (30 min)

KOM climb:

1st climb:  TollBooth at Illawong Bay, passing Cottage Point Rd on RHS to TollBooth at top     5.6km

First Leg:  St Ives to Terrey Hills Thai Restaurant Sag Stop - 22.7km - 55 min


6:45am -

E along Mona Vale Rd for 6.7km,

L [opposite Forest Way - at Mona Vale Fruit Barn] into Myoora Rd and take a 1st Sag Stop (3 min) from 8am,

Ahead 3km along Myoor Larool Rd,

L into Tepko Rd (75m short of Booralie Rd) for 400m,

L into Booralie Rd, 'n pedal like "shit out of Shanghai" 6.7km flat/fast stretch past Terry Hills Golf Course and rifle range to Duffys Forest (amidst real pigs, goats, horses 'n cows),

"U"- turn at the dead-end of Cow Corner – NOTE: turn around as soon as you see faster cyclists returning.  Continue past Terrey Hills neighbourhood shopping centre, thru roundabout and take 2nd Sag Stop (3 min) from 7:40am outside Thai Restaurant at top of McCarrs Creek Rd - muster on LHS of white road line under tree cover.

Second Leg:  Thai Restaurant to West Head - 18.6km (agg. 41.3km) - 50 min


7:45am -

  • Descend McCarrs Creek Rd and enter Ku’ring’gai Chase National Park 3.2km to "V" (dual entrances to the park),

  • R fork - anti clockwise and further descend McCarrs Creek Rd for 2km,

  • L at McCarrs Creek bridge for 1.4km to T juncture (Akuna Bay Marina is 2.8km downhill on LHS).

8.07am -

Ahead along West Head Rd for 12km to The Headland for 1st Nosh Stop (15 min) from 8:35am [41.3km] - pack nibbles, ‘cause we take a gawk at the majestic, shimmering peninsula - Pittwater/Lion Island.

Third Leg:  West Head to Bayview Marina - 21.5km (agg 62.8km) - 55 min



8.50am -

  • Retrace 13.4km to McCarrs Creek bridge,

  • hook a L into McCarrs Creek Rd at 10:20am [55km] for 7.4km passing Church Point arriving at Bayview Marina Café at 9:45am for 2nd Nosh Stop [61km] 9979.5782ph (30min).

Fourth Leg: Bayview Marina to Akuna Bay - 12.8km (agg 75.2km) - 45 min


Over Brunch we will ascertain who, at 10:15am, is  -

  • cycling 22km back up McCarrs Creek Rd and onto St Ives - ETR 11:25am [84km]; and

  • cycling 7.4km up McCarrs Creek, taking a R to loop Akuna Bay anti-clock, a further 4.5km for Brunch 3rd Nosh Stop (30 min) at Akuna Bay from 11:00am [75km].

Fifth Leg: Akuna Bay to St Ives - 19.4km (agg 95.5km) - 65 min

11:30pm climb anti-clockwise from Akuna Bay to Terrey Hills and re-enter Mona Vale Rd via -

  • Myoor Larool Rd after passing the Mona Vale Fruit Barn, or 

  • the tunnel under Mona Vale Rd.  

Thence, it is a rapid-fire 6.6km stretch to St Ives [94.5km] - ETR 12:35pm.  


Bank Teller's rap-up of Sunday 14 Dec, Cinque Montagnes - 100km


Thanks to Marcel aka Schooners, somehow coercing his mum to put up her home at Turramurra for Muggs' Christmas Party, 20 Muggs 'et al' partied at Marcel's the previous arvo/evening and didn't trash the joint.  The smart revellers completed our scheduled 100km 5 @ mountain ride on Sat. morn', albeit on a steamy hot morn', incl Heineken who was still whinging on Sunday about having done the 100km route twice on the same w'end.  Hence, pickings were lean the following morn' with 11 or thereabouts marshalling for Cinque Montagnes on an o'cast, coolish morn'.

Kirsty and Physio  

The same two hussies (front of screen) shooting the breeze, outside the familiar Nth Hornsby Bus Shelter having just logged KOM times for pumping-up from The Gorge.  Far right - Matt aka Printer, seemingly doing a juggling act supporting Scribe's bike whilst he popped this snap.

NB:  Several fast KOM times were put-in which are logged at King of the Mountain climbs.  Having previously registered a quick time over the ascent to PitS, Yamaha cagily held back on that climb, reminiscent of a w'end golfer protecting his high handicap, as there were still three hills to conquer.  Whereas Whippet veritably flew-up to the pie shop.

Scribe   14 Dec '03