5 Nov 2009

Letter from Steve Grimshaw who lives in Port Macquarie and can't make it down

Hi, I’m Steve Grimshaw.  You may remember me as the kid with the stutter, who enjoyed sport a lot more than study.  Unfortunately I can’t be with you tonight, but I’m happy to supply the following précis of my life since I left school.

I scraped into the Optometry course at the University of NSW and graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry in 1974.  I then worked in Albury, Launceston and Sydney for other optometrists before opening my own practice in 1977, in Albury.  Later on, I also opened practices in Culcairn and Holbrook that I ran on a part time basis

In the meantime I married Lynette and we had a son, Anthony, who is now 29 years of age.  The marriage was unsuccessful and lasted only 4 years.

My business, after a very slow start, prospered with time.  I joined the Rotary Club for 16 years, raising funds to supply a bus for the intellectually handicapped, and sending 40 wheelchairs to hospitals in Fiji.

I became a competent snow skier and continued playing cricket in the local competition till 37 years of age.  I travelled to Hong Kong and China for 3 weeks and gained a taste for travel, which has now become my number one interest.  I have been fortunate to visit in excess of 30 countries.

In 1996 I remarried.  Joye is still with me and is the love of my life.  She shares my love of travel and most on my travel has been with her.  She has a married son and daughter.

In 2004, I sold my optometry practice and we moved to Port Macquarie, where we still reside.  I do a couple days work per week as a consultant (to keep my mind functioning), and otherwise enjoy the beautiful beaches, moderate climate, our schnauzer dog and occasional fishing.  I have taken up the sport of lawn bowls and have had considerable success in the four years that I have been playing.

I thank my teachers for my education and have fond memories of my school days at Leo’s.  I hope Stan Cusack has remembered to “powder his privates” and has a great night with you all. 

Best wishes.