Christmas  2009 and Spring Festival 2010

Dear Family and friends in China, the Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Ireland and of course Australia

There are so many of you who contact me through letters, email, Skype and telephone which I indeed welcome, that the internet is the only way for me to wish you a very happy Christmas, New Year and  Spring Festival (which is celebrated in China, Vietnam and Australia in February). 

Christmas and the Spring Festival are similar in that families meet together and celebrate the feast. This is a special time for everyone.  Thanksgiving (end of November) is probably the high point for family celebration in the USA.

This January saw me leave China for the last time.  The Chinese Government had placed an age limit of sixty on foreign teachers of English.  However it was up to the Provincial Governments to enforce this.  Some could not place it into operation because of the lack of foreign teachers.  So I returned to Strathfield with a community of three although we had two men boarding with us and had an influx of visitors throughout the year.  June to November was the busiest time.  Eighty visitors lived with us during these months mainly from New Zealand, Scotland, USA and various parts of Australia.

November saw me in hospital and I am happy to say I have almost recovered from this episode.  We have a medical supervisor, Mrs. Joan Rafferty, who used visit us every week.  I assure you one does not stay ill with Joan constantly looking after you.  Other medical professionals were excellent and first class.

Then in June my brother, Joe, became ill and was hospitalized for a month before going into respite care and finally joining my sister, Marie, in a very pleasant Aged Care Home in Georges Hall.  Both are on low care and can travel every day if they wish. My other brother, Tom, and his wife, Enid, reside in St Clair where they are very happy and well provided for by their large extended family, two of whom are distinguished and influential members of the NSW Police Force.

In November our community in Strathfield closed and after thirty four years there, I now live in Gosford in a very comfortable house (13 Frederick St Gosford, 2250) overlooking the Brisbane Waters.  My email address remains the same   telephone is  +61  2  4323 1367  Skype ID is stancusack    One of the problems with Skype  is that in our Summer we are three hours ahead of China and Vietnam.  Europe (and USA) is almost impossible because of the time delays.

I am going to Stanwell Park (leaving my computer at home) for holidays on December 26th and will return on January 20th.  Holiday tel is; +61  2  4294 1240

Love to all

Stan Cusack