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18 August 2009 

John Sheely                                                                                       (03) 9531 6911                      

49 Ruskin St

Elwood  VIC  3184

Dear John

St Leo’s Class of ’69 forty year reunion
Saturday, 21 Nov 2009  –  Terrace Room, Blue Gum Hotel, Waitara
Invitation to be our Special Celebratory Guest

I, together with my three brothers, Gerard, Michael and Anthony Johnston, attended St Leo’s during your tenure as a multi-skilled teacher, First Fifteen Coach and First Eleven Coach. 

About 7 weeks ago Peter Szacsvay visited you at your Elwood digs and, as I understand, mentioned a class reunion towards the end of this year in concert with the class of ’69 finishing up at Leo’s 40 years ago.  Holy smoke time flies whether you are having fun or not.

We would like you to be our Special Celebratory Guest.  Before you get too much of a swollen head over this invitation, Nicholson, Thompson and StanTheMan Cusack hopefully will be other Special Celebratory Guests.

Interstate Special Celebratory Guests get the superstar treatment: 

  • Return airfare paid  - enclosed is a cheque for $300 payable to John Sheely
  • Collected and dropped back to Sydney Airport a week later.
  • 7 nights’ accommodation at three ex-students homes within 10km of Waitara, not out in the boondocks.
  • On 3 days ex-students (Phil Walker, Mick Conaghan, a few from the class of ’67 organised by my brother, Michael) take you out sight-seeing and visiting more old classmates, plus others who will provide an impromptu invitation closer to 21 Nov.

There are a few caveats.  You only get to make a 4 minute speech on our big reunion night, which is one minute more than any ex-student is allowed.  Back in the old days you didn’t tolerate fools lightly, could be a tad pernickety on the rugby paddock when the team wasn’t following the game plan, and a party animal prone to trash the joint, which is why accommodation rolls over to another home each two to three days.

Ron Anderson, who has a Hacienda at 4 Crescent St, Hunters Hill will collect you from Sydney Airport, and provide you with 3 or 4 days accommodation.  Greg Power, who lives at Epping is another keen for you to stay for 2 or 3 nights.  I can provide digs for you at Killara.  Others will make similar offers, so you can pick ‘n choose.

Enclosed is a hardcopy of –

  1. 40 year re-union of St Leo's College, Wahroonga - Class of '69

  1. Confirmed Attendees  -  Ex '69 Class Mates and Partners

The above files can be accessed on the internet by opening www.Muggaccinos.com and clicking on the bottom picture on that Home Page. 

From 1 above, you can click on the below URL to see old pics, including Ron Anderson in the rugby pic, Greg Power in the Class pic and me in the First Eleven pic: 

  1. Old photos from: "School days are the best years of ya life!!!"

 Presently 26 ex class mates have e-mailed that they will attend, with 15 bringing (female) partners.  No AC/AC responses yet, so maybe the Christian Bros education kept us conservative.  We hope to increase these numbers by at least 25% by our 21 Nov ‘big night’.  And your affirmative response will be a fillip.

I welcome your Green Light RSVP to scribepj@tpg.com.au or ‘phone call to 02 9114.6689 which will switch to voicemail if I am out.

NB:      If you want to stay more than a week, we may be able to find you more accommodation.  However, if you can ‘jag’ your own accommodation beyond seven days book longer than a week.

Yours sincerely

Philip J. Johnston