From: Philip Johnston []
Sent: Saturday, November 4, 2017 12:49 PM
Subject: Proposed SLOBs' reunion at The Commodore Hotel on 29 Nov is NOT proceeding due to only 19 Affirmatives and a high number of "Apologies' due to a prior commitment

After chatting with Philip Walker last Thursday and with Kevin Burke this morning, I have cancelled the below proposed reunion for the 29th Nov at The Commodore Hotel detailed in my email sent 17 Oct.

The attached ‘Affirmative Attendance Schedule’ lists only 19 Affirmative responses.

Old boys reunions generally want to see lots of old faces.

In recent weeks, I received 11 Apology emails from ex-students who had attended at the Blue Gum Hotel, Waitara, either/both the Class of ’69  -

·         40 years’ reunion in 2009 -  57 attended propped up by some from ’67 and ‘68; or

·         45 years’ reunion in 2014  –  53 attended – ditto above,

informing that they had a prior engagement and wished us all the best.

I will pursue organising another SLOBs reunion for the ‘60 Not Outs’ in 2018 and provide at least 3 months’ notice which will not be between mid-May and end-September because some, incl. me, travel to northern Europe in its Summer.

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From: Philip Johnston []
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 3:48 PM
Subject: 60 years and older - SLOBs Reunion and John Sheely remembered - The Commodore Hotel - 9 mins walk SW from North Sydney train station - Wednesday, 29th November from 6pm

Last March one of our all-time favourite school teachers and a fervent, zealous Rugby coach, John Sheely, passed away in Melbourne.

The below embedded thread invites former SLOBs (and teachers) who knew John, or knew of John, to gather at The Commodore Hotel to –

·         recount some yarns, both true and/or fallacious;

·         share some anecdotes; and

·         enter into the Christmas spirit.

 60 years 'n older -  St Leo's Old Boys Christmas 'catch-up' and celebration of the life of John Sheely

 If you know any other SLOBs (or former teachers) that may be interested in attending, would you please send this email to him/them?

 Phil Johnston aka  Bank Teller
0434 715.861