Quarterly Seniors Agility Dexterity eye, brain, hand/feet challenges at six local community venues for
Back9Hackers who play 9 holes at North Ryde Golf Course on Tues and Fridays and hit-off at SparrowFart :

* Regain the enthusiasm of playing new games that you experienced during your youthful exuberance growing phase as a child who took risks

* Prove that this Old Dog is unafraid to learn New tricks, unlike too many Old Mutts content to keep on doing the same old, same old

* Retain your driver’s licence longer and not clobber some innocent sod

* Hit a golf ball straight sometimes

* Imbibe alcohol longer, retain your amigo compadres and not get ejected from venues

* Delay dementia and stay on the sunny side of terra firma longer


Six local council and/or community venues, with a sausage sizzle and a soda après after two Challenges:

Wed, 15th Jan - Bare Foot Lawn Bowls at Killara Bowling Club, 6 Arnold St, Killara, from 12:30pm to 4'ish - $20 - Bowls supplied, free coaching and afternoon tea incl.

(Pics of 1st Dexterity/Agility Challenge proved to be 'a walk in the park' for the six B9H participants)

Tues, 4th Feb (or 11th Feb) from 3pm to 5pm - Table Tennis at Ryde Community Sports Centre, Kent Road, North Ryde  or  Ku'ring'gai Council Chambers, Pymble

Friday, 14th Feb from 10:15am -  Shuttlecock and Badminton and Backyard Cricket at Kingsford Smith Oval, Longueville

Fri, 21st Feb from 10am for Bocce, lawn ten pin bowls, hitting a tennis ball revolving on a poll, backyard cricket, throwing/catching a baseball - Coal Loader Reserve, Balls Head Drive, Waverton

Wed, 26th Feb 2pm for 2 hours - Croquet at Cammeray Croquet Club, Ernest St and Park Ave -  $15  -  mallets and balls provided  -  Croquet strokes

Fri, 6th Mar, from 10am - Pickleball at Ryde Community Sports Centre, Kent Road, North Ryde or Thurs 13th Feb from 6:30pm Abbotsleigh College Main Gym off Gate 1A in Ada Ave


*   Bare foot lawn bowls
*   Table tennis

*   Shuttlecock and Badminton

*   backyard cricket and throwing and catching a baseball

*   juggling 2 tennis balls for 20 secs, balance exercises eg. stand on one leg for 1 min, then other leg

*   Bocce/Pallino - How to play

*   Croquet

*   Lawn ten pin bowls

*   Pickleball




Pickleball the new sport of choice for the elderly in Australia | ABC 7.30 Report

How to Play Pickleball - 3 min video   

How to play Pickleball - 2 min video

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The Origins of Pickleball 50 years ago on Bainbridge Island, Washington State -  How It All Began

Pickleball Scoring — Doubles

How to score

Pickleball Rules

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Winning doubles team is the first to 11 points with a lead of two points.  You keep serving until you lose a point.  Only score a winning point when serving, thereby no point for winning a point when receiving. But you win the right to serve.

13 Common Beginner Pickleball Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Pickleball each Thurs 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Abbotsleigh Girls School, Pacific H'way Wahroonga.  Cost $10.  Beginner bats available.  Three indoor courts.  Enter main gym via Gate 1 off Ada Ave

Pickleball each Friday 10am – 1pm. Ryde Community Sports Centre, Kent Road, North Ryde.  Cost $10 includes a shower.  Four indoor courts, plenty of parking





Sufficient vertical timber around the base of the 'Seniors legerdemain/dexterity/agility' trophy exists to distinguish each quarterly winner (on a 32mm x 30mm shield) for 20 future years.

        Fellow Holy Family School Lindfield classmates, Tony H. and Tony Z. also recall classmates getting a Red Star stamped on the forehead by Sister Anthony in Kindergarten and Mother Thedais in 1st Class, if they did something Super Special, to display their Red Star on their forehead with pride when their mother picked them up at 3pm. 

Red Stars are replaced by Black Metal Shields with the Qtly Winner's name to impress mum.

Winner's are those who take these eye/brain/hand challenges earnestly, due to heeding the signs to improve their agility/alertness, and thereby avoid falling off the perch, as many folk from earlier generations did.  When we were Only Knee High to a Grasshopper, Menfolk in their 50s and 60s fell off the perch.  Too often with no one knowing why!


Enterprising physiotherapists are offering classes for Old Folk to sign up to Oil Their Joints.

Physiotherapy and Older People

Physiotherapists for older people - The Physio Co

ABC1 Catalyst presented in August 2019 two programmes on Old Folk staying down here sharper and for longer:

Staying Younger For Longer: Brain  - Air Date: Tuesday, 20 August

Staying Younger For Longer: Body Air Date: Tuesday, 13 August

Community facilities offered by Local Councils, both gymnasiums indoor and sporting ovals outdoors, together with some private schools, means that with the support of your mates, you can jump the gun to stay young!


Back9Hackers has its own Viber Channel - Dexterity Agility Challenges



If you fail any contests, you have to pledge to give up alcohol -

*  until your adroitness/nimbleness returns; or
*  empirical evidence establishes dementia 'beyond reasonable hope of recovery'.





Sporting equipment purchased