Require 17 (approx) vertical timber panels (already obtained - see bottom pic) fitted on RHS of existing 3.6 metres long timber handrail (when ascending)

It will be necessary to fit a timber panel (5cm wide x 14mm deep) underneath the hand rail on the RHS in order to affix the 17 (approx) vertical panels securely

Vertical timber panels should be no more than 11.5 cm apart

Each of the 10 non slip plates on the staircase have three stainless steel screws on LHS and on RHS.  I have additional stainless steel screws.  I require a 7th screw fitted @ 12 o'clock on each of the 10 steps.

I have about 15 timber slats left over from when the balcony was built.  They are 185cm long x 5cm wide x 14mm deep.  hence, I have all req'd timber to fit the 17 vertical slats