Day 3 - Friday, 17 Nov '17  8:15am cycle 17km (45 min) to Bomaderry on Princes H'way for coffee (from 9:00am) at cafe opposite Bomaderry station
Or catch 9:06am Berry train arriving Bomaderry at 9:18am. 
9:30am climb Cambewarra Mtn to Kangaroo Valley, climb Cambewarra Mtn, return to Berry along Tourist Rd at 1:40pm

    Train from Berry station: 9:06am  Arrive Bombaderry: 9:18Climbs2
dirBerry Showground Destination agg kmgraddirride minride minhr:m8:45
LPrinces Highway17.3Bomaderry station café17.3~SW45.00450:458:45
 1st Nosh Stop Café opposite Princes Highway    25 1:109:10
RMeroo St0.6Cambewarra Rd17.9~N2.0471:129:12
LCambewarra Rd1.6Princes Highway19.5~NW4.0511:169:16
ACambewarra Rd3.2Cnr Moss Vale Rd & Main Rd22.7~NW8.0591:249:24
RMoss Vale Rd0.2Start Cambewarra Mtn. Bus shelter - 100m Nth of Cnr Main St and Moss Vale Rd22.9~N0.5601:249:24
RMoss Vale Rd5.3KOM - Cnr Cambewarra Lookout Rd & Moss Vale Rd28.2/NW33931:579:57
 1st Sag Stop KOM - Cnr Cambewarra Lookout Rd & Moss Vale Rd   10 2:0710:07
AMoss Vale Rd4.5Start KOM 55km p/h32.7~W4.0972:1110:11
AMoss Vale Rd0.7Walkers Lane33.4~NW5.01022:1610:16
AMoss Vale Rd0.2Wattamolla Rd33.6~W6.01082:2210:22
AMoss Vale Rd3.6Scanzi Rd37.2~W7.01152:2910:29
 2nd Nosh Stop Kangaroo Valley   40 3:0911:09
LMoss Vale Rd3.6Wattamolla Rd40.8~SEE10.01253:1911:19
AMoss Vale Rd0.2Walkers Lane40.9~NW5.01303:2411:24
RMoss Vale Rd0.70Start of KOM Climb - 150m past Walker's Lane & Moss Vale Rd41.6~NW6.01363:3011:30
AMoss Vale Rd4.5KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd46.1~SSE351714:0512:05
 1st Sag Stop KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd   10 4:1512:15
LTourist Rd1.0Cambewarra Lookout Rd47.1/SEE4.01754:1912:19
ATourist Rd2.0Cedar View Rd49.1/NEE5.01804:2412:24
ATourist Rd6.1Wattamolla Rd55.2~NEE13.51934:3812:38
RWattamolla Rd2.3Ben Dooley Rd57.5~E5.01984:4312:43
AWattamolla Rd3.2Bundewalla Rd60.7~E8.02064:5112:51
AWattamolla Rd1.6Princess Highway62.3~E4.02104:5512:55
LPrincess Highway1.1Berry63.4~N3.02134:5812:58
 Berry63.4Berry63.4  2982134:5812:58
 FromRide legsTokmaggtimeaveDepart8:45 
1Berry ShowgroundtoBombaderry station café17.317.34523Return12:58 
2Bombaderry station cafétoKangaroo Valley19.937.211510Total 4:58 
3Kangaroo ValleytoKOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd9.046.15610Pedal 3:33 
 KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist RdtoBerry17.363.44324Nosh 1:05 
    63.4 21317.86Sag0:20 


    Total 4:58 
 Start KOM Climb    km
 Cambewarra Rd Cnr Moss Vale Rd & Main Rd Cambewarra Mtn from Bombaderry5.3
 Start of KOM Climb - 150m past Walker's Lane & Moss Vale Rd KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd Cambewarra Mtn from Kang Valley4.5