Day 2 - Thurs, 16 Nov '17   Start Berry, climb Woodhill Mountain to Kangaroo Valley,
climb Cambewarra Mtn, descend Cambewarra Mtn to Bomaderry, then back-roads to Berry

          Climbs in Ride:2
 Berry0.0Destination roadagg km~dirminhr:min9:00
LPrincess Alfred Rd0.3North St0.3__W0.70:009:00
RNorth St0.4Woodhill Mountain Rd 0.7__N1.70:019:01
LWoodhill Mountain Rd 2.1 Broughton Vale Rd  - Start of KOM Climb2.8__NW6.20:069:06
AWoodhill Mountain Rd 4.8Wattamolla Rd - KOM of Climb7.6/NW23.20:239:23
LWattamolla Rd 12.7Kangaroo Valley Rd 20.3\W64.21:0410:04
RKangaroo Valley Rd 2.1Moss Vale Rd 22.4~W70.21:1010:10
LMoss Vale Rd 3.6Scanzi Rd26.0__NWW80.21:2010:20
 1st Nosh Stop Kangaroo Valley   402:0011:00
LMoss Vale Rd 3.6Kangaroo Valley Rd 29.6__SEE902:1011:10
RMoss Vale Rd 1.5Start of KOM Climb - 150m past Walker's Lane & Moss Vale Rd31.1/S952:1511:15
AMoss Vale Rd 4.5KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd35.6__SSE1302:5011:50
 1st Sag Stop KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd   103:0012:00
AMoss Vale Rd 5.3Start Cambewarra Mtn. Bus shelter - 100m Nth of Cnr Main St and Moss Vale Rd40.9~SEE1393:0912:09
AMoss Vale Rd 0.2Cnr Main Rd / Cambewarra Rd 41.1~NEE1403:0912:09
LCambewarra Rd 3.2Princes Highway44.3~NEE1533:2312:23
ACambewarra Rd 1.6Meroo St45.9~NEE1573:2612:26
RMeroo St0.6Bomaderry 46.5~E1593:2812:28
LBolong Rd5.0Back Forest Rd51.5~E1693:3812:38
LBack Forest Rd7.0Swamp Rd58.5~E1843:5312:53
LSwamp Rd2.5Coolangatta Rd61.0~E1893:5812:58
LCoolangatta Rd2.0Wharf Rd63.0~E1944:0313:03
AWharf Rd1.0Princess Alfred St64.0~E1964:0513:05
APrincess Alfred St0.5Berry64.5~E1974:0613:06
  64.5Berry64.5  2474:0613:06
 FromRide legsTokmaggtime  Depart9:00
 BerrytoWattamolla Rd - KOM of Climb7.67.623  Return13:06
 Wattamolla Rd - KOM of ClimbtoKangaroo Valley18.426.057  Total 4:06
 Wattamolla Rd - KOM of ClimbtoKOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist Rd9.635.650  Pedal 3:16
 KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist RdtoBomaderry 10.946.529  Nosh 0:40
 Bomaderry toBerry18.064.538  Sag0:10
    64.5 197  Total 4:06



 Start KOM Climb   km
  Broughton Vale Rd  - Start of KOM Climb Wattamolla Rd - KOM of ClimbWoodhill Mtn from Berry                      4.8    2
 Start of KOM Climb - 150m past Walker's Lane & Moss Vale Rd KOM of Cambewarra Climb - Tourist RdCambewarra Mtn from Kang. Valley  4.5