7.           Take the Road Least Travelled

The fewer number of –

(a)            moving cars which pass a road cyclist, the less likely one will hit a cyclist; and

(b)            parked cars which a cyclist passes, the less likely one will open a door immediately in front of the cyclist.

The greater the number of vehicles, the -

(a)         greater the concentration strain; and

(b)         lower the cyclist’s enjoyment.



Due to the plethora of motorways (toll roads) and freeways such as the F3, M2, M4, M5 and M7, during non-peak hours (ie. Sunday from shortly after Sunrise to early afternoon) a labyrinth of beaut cycling roads are available on the perimeter of Sydney which branch off the -

*           Old Pacific Highway in the North;

*           Hume Highway in the SthWest; and

*           Princes Highway in the South.


Since the mid-90s, Muggaccinos has conducted over a thousand +100km Sunday rides utilising many of these 'branches' on the perimeter of Sydney.

On about a quarter of its Sunday rides, participating cyclists will ride to say Windsor, Woy Woy, Wyong, Wyee or Wollongong and catch the train part or full way back to circumvent a build-up of motor vehicle traffic which invariably occurs "after Sunday church"

On 10% of its Sunday rides, cyclists will utilise ferries from Palm Beach to Wagstaffe or Patonga, then cycle further a field, and catch a train part or all the way back.

Bicycle User Groups generally contain experienced road cyclists who lead regular 40km to 100km rides on safe, proven routes which utilise former main highways and the web of adjoining roads which experience low traffic, particularly on Sunday mornings.  Click on Bicycle NSW Push On Rides Schedule