5.           Obey all road traffic laws

(a)              Obey the traffic signs & signals, and road traffic laws.

(b)              Cyclists are required to follow all the normal road rules such as -

                              *        always wearing a bicycle helmet which can reduce head injuries by up to 85 percent - select a helmet that fits snugly and sits flat or slightly forward on your head, so as to protect your face - modern helmets have an effective size adjustment knob at the rear;

               *        stopping at stop signs and red lights;

               *        riding on the left side of the road;

               *        signalling to turn left or right or to change lanes, to alert any nearby road traffic;

               *        yielding to traffic that has the right of way;

               *        not behaving in an unpredictable manner;

                            *        not cycling against traffic - motorists aren't looking for cyclists riding on the wrong side of the road; and

               *        not cycling while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(c)          Special Road Rules for Cyclists

(d)          Additional rules for bicycle riders

(e)          Cycling and the Law

(f)           Bicycle laws and penalties