22.        Learn from other seasoned cyclists

Learn from observing other cyclists amongst Muggaccinos. 


For example

(a)             brake before the corner, not thru it;

(b)             take a wide entrance to the corner and then cut the corner, provided, of course, there is no motorist coming the other way which is approaching the same corner;

(c)             try leaning your inside knee into the corner like many racing motor bikers do; and

(d)             don't push big gears, particularly up hill as you can only impart downward thrust, select a lower gear and focus on spinning where you can impart upward pull as well - see Section 11 Gearing to climb steep hills and Section 21 Pedalling Pointers;

(e)          provide a metre clearance when passing a fellow cyclist on the RHS, and always call Passing on left hand side if you need to urgently push-in on a forward cyclist's inside (ie. their LHS).