Mid-week riders 'n rides

This page lists -

(i)     cyclists who want to, and are able to, cycle mid-week so they can communicate; and

(ii)    ride descriptions of rides which do not experience much mid-week traffic, albeit that they will be busier than on Sunday mornings, particularly the climb out of Galston Gorge.

Add your name to the below list by e-mailing ScribePJ@bigpond.com

1.    Mark aka LongHaul                          CarrinM21@fastmail.fm                       0409 807.172

2.    Trevor aka Tornado                          TCupitt@hotmail.com                         0409 655.424

3.    Phil Johnston aka Bank Teller          ScribePJ@bigpond.com                     0434 715.861    9498.3684

4.    Brian aka The Whippet                     brian_willis@optusnet.com.au                            0434 925 323

5.    Peter aka PacificPete                        PATyson@optushome.com.au           0413 664.457

6.    Harry aka KayakMan                                                                                9639.7875

7.    Richard Kelly aka Sloth                    RichardFKelly1@optusnet.com.au      0428 640.975

8.    Peter aka AnotherBeanCounter        cookpmtm@bigpond.net.au            0416 239.468

9.    Kerry aka Miner                               kheywood@minarco.com.au                9904.6598

10.  Terry aka Navigator                          tperram@bigpond.net.au                                    0412 023.970

If you are comfortable with your e-mail and/or 'phone # being listed above, let Scribe know.  If there is a midweek day(s) that you are unavailable, or a day(s) that you are available, let Scribe know and he will include above.

Leichhardt BUG's "Places to Ride around Leichhardt and the Inner West - and further a-field"


Click on the below ride descriptions and 'phone or e-mail a few of the above if you want a mid-week ride:

                                                                                                                                                                                      Distance      Hr : Min

  1. Terrey Hills Fruit Barn, Duffys Forest, Akuna Bay, Bayview Marina & back to Fruit Barn                                        54km            3:30             

  2. Terrey Hills Fruit Barn to West Head returning via Akuna Bay to Fruit Barn                                                           50.5km          3:00

  3. Terrey Hills Fruit Barn via clockwise Akuna Bay to Church Pt, return St Ives                                                          49km            3:00

  4. Terrey Hills fruit Barn for Terrey Hills & Duffys' Forest Rustic Backroads                                                                 30km            1:20

  5. Hornsby station carpark to Brooklyn Pier and back                                                                                                 51km            3:30

  6. Tour de Bikie Hangout - Mt White from Nth Turra’                                                                                                   95km             5:55

  7. Cinque Montagnes - clockwise from Nth Turra’                                                                                                        92km            5:50

  8. Cinque Montagnes - anti-clockwise from Nth Turra’                                                                                                 92km            5:50

  9. Brekkie at Bayview Marina - Brunch at Akuna Bay from St Ives                                                                               80km            5:00

  10. Vimiera Rd Marsfield to Brighton Le Sands, Kurnell                                                                                               79km            6:30
    train from Cronulla to Turramurra or Epping

  11. Vimiera Rd carpark Marsfield, Eastwood, Dundas Valley, Telopea, Nth Parra' to Parramatta Park.                       59km            4:00
    return via
    Nth Parramatta, Camellia, Rydalmere, Marsden Rd, Terrey Rd, Eastwood, Vimiera Rd

  12. Vimiera Rd carpark Marsfield to Eastwood, Ryde, Meadowbank, Putney.  Catch Mortlake Ferry crossing
    Parramatta River to Breakfast Point.
      Follow Lyons Rd via Lilyfield Rd to Sydney Fishmarkets for Brunch

    Cycle to Circular Quay to catch ferry back to Meadowbank Wharf
    Climb back up to Denistone hill to Eastwood and follow
    Vimiera Rd to carpark in Marsfield                                 61km             4:15

  13. Vimiera Rd carpark Marsfield to Homebush Bay and back                                                                                     55km             4:00


Happy to add additional ride descriptions for other rides, provided I receive an accurate ride description.