Committed Climb Participant means a cyclist who emails Phil aka Bank Teller and informs his enthusiasm to join Tour de Conquer.  It doesn't cost anything to become a Committed Climb Participant.

The Bullsheet for Tour de Conquer  lists -

i)         cheap flights/luggage allowances;

ii)         train fares;

iii)        hotel prices; and

iv)        Daily Climbs Schedule

Each Committed Climb Participant will book his own flights, train tickets and hotel accommodation.  The only shared cost will be the rental of a 5 or 7 seater People Mover once we arrive at Chambery train station.

The Bullsheet for Tour de Conquer will be updated to show those Committed Climb Participants who have booked their flights, hotels etc.

If a Committed Climb Participant opts to not attend Tour de Conquer there is no withdrawal fees, because we won't be booking a people mover until mid-August.

12 is the absolute max number of Committed Climb Participants, as this should enable us to hire only one 5 or 7 seater People Mover with a 4 bike roof rack.  Bigger numbers would also be unmanageable for Bank Teller who is doing all this gratis.  If we can't hire a 4 bike roof rack, we may have to buy one or bring one split amongst say 3 Committed Climb Participants to spread the weight. 

Worksheet '19 days-18 nights Budget in Excel file 'Distances_Gradients_$Costs.xlsx' and People Movers (from three rental firms) evidences that hiring these large vehicles don't come cheap.  hence, the merit in relying on one 7 seater to move up to 12 Committed Climb Participants.

This should enable us to -

a)         move all Committed Climb Participants -
*        from Chambery (vehicle pick up point);
*        to each of the
Three Base Camps; and
*        return it to Avignon after our 3rd Base Camp; and

b)         deliver Climbers to the start of those climb routes that do not start at the Base Camp.

The majority of the 14 climb routes in the Daily Climbs Schedule start from one of our Three Base Camps, Avignon and Paris.  Approx. half of the daily climb routes that involve being driven to the 'scheduled start point', finish back at that Base Camps.  Hence, merit exists in say 50% of the Committed Climb Participants riding the 'daily climb route' scheduled in the Daily Climbs Schedule and the other 50% riding the next day's scheduled 'daily climb route' which starts from that Base Camp.  And on the following day, visa versa.

It is probable that a few of the Committed Climb Participants will have an accompanying wife or partner who is willing to share the driving.  It is also probable that some of our Committed Climb Participants will want the occasional day out-of-the-saddle.

1st Base Camp shows that Committed Climb Participants who can't arrive in Paris on the 4th Sept, such as David aka CricketTragic, can catch a train with their bike/luggage from Chembery station to our 1st Base Camp at Saint Jean de Maurienne at 7:03am or 9:32am on Wed, Thurs or Fri with different times on Sat or Sunday.      

Committed Climb Participants to date Flight booked Flight lands at CDA Paris Train from CDA Paris to Lyon Train from Lyon arrives Chembery Different train from Lyon arrives St-Jean de Maurienne
1. Phil Johnston aka Bank Teller QANTAS 23kg arrives Paris 10:45am, 4th Sept 1:58pm 5:33pm  
2. David aka CricketTragic Emirates 30kg arrives Paris 1:30pm, 5th Sept 4:58pm   9:51pm
3. Eric aka PapaBear Etihad Airways 23kg arrives Frankfurt Driving from Germany 1:58pm 5:33pm  
4. Scott aka PatternMaker Emirates 30kg arrives Paris  1:30pm, 4th Sept 4:28pm  8:13pm  
5. David Johnston aka Maverick Thai Airways 11:30am, 6th Sept 1:58pm 5:33pm  
6. Jean aka ChiliDog          
7. George Porter aka EnglishMan