Evidence of swimming pool leaks and the former Chairperson's efforts to inform fellow Strata Committee members

  1. Brown stain on soffit and nearby vertical beam (top two pictures) that does NOT appear anywhere else in the four Carpark levels

  2. White stalactites and a large stalagmite and a brown stain in the concrete in the carpark on Level 5 beneath 8.4m long swimming pool - March 2018

  3. Water leak detected by Building Manager near glass panel at South-Eastern end of 8.4m water pool  -  July 2018

  4. Six concerning structural problems learnt from emptying the 8.4m swimming pool and taking a close squiz  -  Aug 2018

  5. Our tiny swimming pool has a new leak, forming a new stalactite and a stalagmite beneath it - April 2019

  6. A second new leak identified by Alex approx. 3 metres from new leak recently identified by the Chairperson - Access to the 'pool plant room' is exceedingly poor/difficult/impractical  -  April 2019

  7. Swimming Pool Plant Room - impractical/illogical access for replacement machinery

  8. Two additional problems re the pool:
    1.     Concrete in the 'overflow tray' across the rear of the pool has deteriorated, as the front 'overflow tray' had eroded and req'd replacement

    2.     Alex believes that a vent fan is req'd at the top of the glass wall to enable ventilation to halt humidity rusting steel

   9.   Rear wall overflow tray damage to concrete beneath causing two leaks in 20" slab that are 4 metres apart and at least 6 metres away from the water source.  Hence, a LOT of chlorinated water has penetrated the vital suspended concrete slab and one concerning crack in the slab has been detected

  10.  New leaks in swimming pool - March 2020

  11.  New stalactites on soffit under swimming pool - August 2020

  12. Three drains in hob at rear of pool that might have a leak

  13.  Low pH acidic chlorinated water remains in swimming pool 8 months after new leaks detected last March

  14.  Pressure test of drainage pipes from swimming pool

  15.  Noise of swimming pool seemingly due to the fall of water from the rear overflow into the trough 10" below  -  29-May-21