Six concerning structural problems learnt from emptying the 8.4m swimming pool and taking a close squiz

1st Problem:
Evidence of previous leaks where three sections of tiles were replaced after those leaks in the concrete were resealed and re-tiled

In the latter part of 2017, Philip Johnston (Treasurer) identified stalactites and a stalagmite and a consistent brown stain directly under the 8.4m indoor swimming pool

Recently, Alex, the Building Manager, alerted the treasurer of a new leak at the Sou-Eastern end of the swimming pool that appeared to be leaking Left to Right under the floor tiles (close to Glen St) across to the translucent glass wall near the main front entrance.  Alex lowered the water level by 30cm and monitored the water height which fell a further 2cm from the black texta mark that Alex applied and then ceased falling which appears to indicate that the leak is from the water tray/gutter/troth that runs along the front edge of the pool, as evident in the immediate below photo.  The leaking water has caused the white deterioration marks on the aluminium on the RHS of the above pic.

Phil Johnston calc'd that the pool lost 910 litres of chlorinated water during the two weeks when the water level fell 2cm from the black texta mark.

2nd Problem:
Three leaks occurred several years ago and were repaired and re-tiled as evident in the two immediately below photos. 

This pool is now 23 years old.  Empirical evidence provided by the NSW EPA to Phil Johnston and the complete replacement of three local 50 metre council swimming pools ( ie. Boy Charlton, Hornsby and North Sydney) due to concrete cancer, indicate that leaks in the 8.4m pool will progressively increase in frequency as the concrete continues to age. Google "swimming pool leak" and receive a welter of repairers, because concrete leaks.

3rd Problem:


Two new leaks that will require the concrete beneath removed and a membrane applied and then re-tiled

Expect to see more of these, more often.


4th Problem:

The stainless steel rim and the tray behind it on the far side of the length of the pool has corroded (due to the chlorine) and will need to be replaced sooner, rather than later


Above pic of the tray behind the stainless steel rim


5th Problem:

Another repair job.  Where is the water penetrating into this hole?  Little wonder that there is a brown stain under the length and breadth of the concrete beneath the swimming pool and there were stalactites and a stalagmite due to chlorinated pool water penetrating the 20" slab and dripping out beneath.

6th Problem

Below is the largest concern - concrete structural integrity with four levels of garages below

The 8.4 metre L  x 24cm W x 16mm D aluminium gutter/tray/troth and the aluminium cover plates (stacked in the Top RHS of below pic) have rusted and require replacement, as evident in the first below photo. 

Of much greater "unease", is the brittle state of the surrounding concrete in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th below photos. If concrete further below that concrete, or where the latest leak has been detected, or anywhere in the pool floor or walls has similarly decomposed, then the structural integrity of the supporting slab beneath and around the pool is compromised.