Roof Leak  -  June 2019

At the least, the two drainage vents evident in the above picture should have been positioned at the lowest point of the rainwater flow, not over 60cm up the slight gradient.

There should have been -

a)    a slope on the floor/ground level so that the water ran twds the drainage; and

b)    a drainage gutter along the perimeter of the glass ceiling (on the LHS of above pic) probably about 5m in length

As a result rainwater remains until it evaporates, or leaks thru the 25 years old waterproofing, which was discreetly covered by stone pebbles, likely to conceal the drainage flaw during the six years builders warranty period.

A small section of the ceiling of the foyer in Level 6 that has collapsed due to rainwater leaking from the roof above evident in the above initial picture and the below close-up pictures of the puddles.