Rainwater leaks from the driveway into 'cold joints' on the 5th floor slab,
then through the 20" concrete (passing through the steel reinforcing) to drip onto the 3rd floor concrete

Below five photos were taken on 19th June 2018 - on a wet an o'cast morning

Rainwater passes over the metal drainage grid passing down the slope, further into the garage and eventually into the "....cold joint between the main slab and the infill slab that was retrofitted towards the end of construction after the tower crane was removed from site."

Below two photos were taken on 20th Jun 2018 showing rainwater that penetrated the garage to the cold joint eventually dripping from the 5th floor soffit

Slab leak on 12 Oct 2017  -  Water penetrated Level 5 floor and dripped from roof slab on Level 3