1305, 12 Glen St -  clean out furniture and clean up

Above two pics are the balcony.  I will remove the two crates of 'home brew' beer bottles by 30th May, if not a week before. 
Hopefully, I will have scrubbed the pot plant stains on balcony by Tues arvo this week

Most of the indoor plants will be moved to my room rental at Killara. 
The carpets is 99% cleaned, although a few indentations from furniture.  I have attempted to suck them higher with vacuum cleaner.

I propose storing the above TV and stand in the storage section on LHS of my parking spot in underground garage.
The bed clothes will go on my Queen Bed in 1st bedroom, after the Stylist delivers the Queen Bed base.

I will relocate my desk top computer, 2 monitors and two printers to my rented large room at 27 Werona Ave, Killara where I have already paid $980 rent ($35 x 28 days)
to my former work colleague, Debbie Lynn, who is pleased that I have a van, as she wants to de-clutter her home.

1st bedroom awaits a Queen Bed Base from the Stylist

2nd bedroom is set-up with my smaller Double Bed and nothing else, apart from small heater which I will remove on 30th of May to my room rental 27 Werona Ave, Killara.